Professor and Director of eResearch, Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (since 2008)

Professor with the School of Mathematical Sciences, Monash University (since 2008)

(Previously Department of Mathematics, and Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland, New Zealand)

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CAVE2™ at Monash University. Imagery: UCSD CalIT2 and UIC EVL

Roles and Positions (since 2000)

  • Fellow of the Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications
  • Life Member, Combinatorial Society of Australasia
  • National Computational Infrastructure Specialist Facility (Imaging) Steering Committee (MASSIVE)
  • Victorian Life Science Computing Initiative, Steering Committee (VLSCI)
  • VicNode Research Data Storage Infrastructure Allocation Committee (VicNODE)
  • Program Committee of the IEEE International Conference on e-Science
  • 2010-2013 CSIRO eResearch Council
  • 2008-2012 Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative Programme Committee
  • 2009-2012 Board of Directors, Victorian Partnership for Advanced Computing
  • 2010-2011 Expert Working Group, eResearch, Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure
  • 2008-2009 Chair, Australian National Data Service Establishment Project
  • 2008 Hummanities, Arts and Social Sciences Expert Working Group, NCRIS Roadmap Review
  • 2008-2009 Board Member, ARCHER Australia’s Research Enabling Envrionment
  • 2000-2007 Assoc. Professor in Mathematics, University of Auckland
  • 2002-2006 Associate Dean, Faculty of Science, University of Auckland
  • 2001-2006 Chief Managing Editor, Australasian Journal of Combinatorics
  • 2004-2006 President Combinatorial Society of Australasia
  • 2007-2008 Production Editor Australasian Journal of Combinatorics
  • 2000-2007 Council Member Combinatorial Society of Australasia
  • 2006-2008 Director of eResearch University of Auckland (until Dec 2007)
  • 2005-2008 Director BeSTGRID
  • 2007 Programme Committee Member Asia-Pacific Advanced Network
  • 2007 KAREN Capability Build Advisory Panel Member
  • 2007 KAREN Advisory Council Member
  • 2004 Co-director NZIMA programme in Combinatorics


CD Release August 17, 2017 - The ishs/Allen Project: ade ishs, Chelsea Allen, Paul Bonnington, Ee Shan Pang, with Lachlan Davidson

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CD Release March 4, 2015 - The ishs/Allen Project: ade ishs, Chelsea Allen, Paul Bonnington, Ee Shan Pang

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